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My wife and I moved to Minden in February of 2011.  The only people we knew were the people who asked us to come ans start Minden Baptist Church.  It was a total journey of faith.

What we have seen in the last 4 years is God working in the lives of people.  We have seen people saved and baptized.  We have seen people who had been out of church for years find a place to serve God again.  God has put together an amazing group of people at Minden Baptist Church.  

This year, our theme is "I believe God."  In 2015, now more than ever God is looking for people who will take a stand and believe God and His Word by faith.

Thank you for visiting our website.  If our church can be of assistance to you in any way, feel free to contact us.  Have a great day, and God bless you.

-- Pastor Josh Beshea

What to expect during a visit to Minden Baptist 

Honestly, visiting a church can be a trying experience.  You do not know anybody.  You are wondering if you will be accepted.  Will you be "called out" and embarrassed?  Will people stare at you? Will you know the songs, etc.?

Disclaimer: Minden Baptist Church is made up of imperfect people who make mistakes, led by an imperfect pastor who makes mistakes.
 Having said that, we welcome visitors to our services!  We have a time when we do recognize guests to let you know how glad we are you chose to visit.  Expect people to come up to you and welcome you, genuinely glad to see you.  Expect traditional music with the singing of hymns like "Victory in Jesus", "Amazing Grace", and "I Love To Tell the Story".  Expect old-fashioned preaching from the King James Bible.  Expect a variety of ways your family can get involved and serve the Lord.  Expect to feel loved.

Minden Baptist Church is not a spiritual museum; it is a spiritual hospital.  You can get more answers to questions about us on our f.a.q. page.

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Minden Baptist Church of Minden, Louisiana

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